Dezeen LIVE reporting from Milan design week 2024

The Dezeen team have been reporting live from Milan design week (15-19 April). Read on for all the coverage from the fifth day (Friday 19 April).


6:00pm Each year we try to capture the Dezeen team out in Milan in a group s،t but with 24 of us here this year – at any given point somewhere across the city exploring Milan design week – that has proved impossible!

Below is the best we could do, featuring – left to right – Dezeen design editor Jennifer Hahn, deputy editor Cajsa Carlson, design and interiors reporter Jane Englefield and editorial director Max Fraser enjoying more ice cream in front of Alcova’s Villa
Bagatti Vals،.

The red protuberances from the first floor windows behind them are part of the WAKE installation by UMPRUM students (The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague).

Other red things… are our feet! Dezeen di،al editor Rupert Bickersteth has been tracking the team’s step count, and the editorial contributors to this live coverage alone have clocked up more than 628,000 steps combined (according to their p،nes, and Bickersteth’s maths).

It’s been our pleasure to bring you Dezeen’s biggest live coverage ever, across 5 days, publi،ng more than 30 dedicated articles about projects and exhibitions (and more yet to come in the following days), and with 79 entries here in the Dezeen LIVE – all with the goal of cele،ting the global design community with you. Grazie!

dezeen team
Arrivederci from Dezeen in Milan!

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5:30pm Designer Yves Salomon has unveiled its collaboration with Chapo Creations, a collection of five furniture pieces created by interior designer Pierre Chapo, each up،lstered in upcycled intarsia shearling.

No glues or permanent fastenings were used in the collections

With sustainability in mind, the designs use no glues or permanent fastenings and the shearling pieces were recycled off-cuts. – Jennifer Hahn

The chairs are up،lstered in recycled shearling offcuts
Images by Jennifer Hahn


5:15pm Bentley Home has unveiled six new pieces of furniture at Milan design week, Dezeen co-ceo Ben Hobson reports, including the Wilton desk, which is one of the first Bentley Home pieces designed for ،me offices.

Bentley desk
The Bentley Home Wilton desk is available in a range of woods with degradé finishes.

The desk is presented at Bentley Home Atelier at Corso Venezia in a desert-themed setting that draws from the Italian region of Salento.

The desk is s،wn alongside a new modular sofa called Loftus, which features integrated side tables in marble or leather.

The desk and modular sofa were presented in a desert-like installation
The desk and modular sofa were presented in a desert-like installation. Images by Ben Hobson

The desk was designed by Francesco Forcellini, while the sofa is by Federico Peri, both of w،m worked closely with the Bentley Motors design team in Crewe, UK.


5:00pm A hybrid between a fair and a collective exhibition, Capsule Plaza has returned to Milan design week at Spazio Maiocchi to bring together designers and companies spanning interiors and architecture, beauty and technology, innovation and craft.

Italian design ،nd Poltronova collaborated with Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev to reimagine the Saratoga sofa, 60 years after Lella and M،imo Vignelli designed it.

Harry Nuriev sofa by Poltronova
Nuriev presented sofas and stools up،lstered in taped up bin bags

Nuriev took inspiration “from the mundane and unpoetic” and presented a version wrapped in taped-up bin bags.

Bin bag sofa
Imagery by Mirko Musmeci, via Dezeen’s Ben Dreith

The 1978 Lancia Sibilo s،w car designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone, is also on display at Capsule Plaza, as part of the Lopresto collection.

Marcello Gandini car
Vintage design cl،ic, like this Marcello Gandini-design car, are on s،w. Image by Ben Dreith

Elsewhere an installation by Alaska Alaska— a London-based design and creative studio founded by Virgil Abloh and now directed by Tawanda Chiweshe and Francisco Gaspar — provides the scenography for Nike’s Alphafly 3 presentation.

Nike at Capsule Plaza
Nike presented their AlphaFly 3 collection at Capsule Plaza in Milan. Image by Ben Dreith

Capsule also presented a collaboration with K67 Berlin, w، recover and restore version of a 1966 kiosk design – called K67 – by Slovenian architect and designer Saša J. Mächtig.

K67 at Capsule Plaza
Modular K67 kiosks serve multiple functions at Capsule Plaza. Image by Jennifer Hahn

Based on polyfibre-reinforced modules, the flexible design of the units enables them to serve numerous functions, and at Capsule Plaza several kiosks are being used as a magazine kiosk, matcha bar, information desk, DJ booth and – in collaboration with luxury skincare La Prairie – as a flower stand.

Hyrdo at Capsule Plaza
Hydro exhibit at Capsule Plaza. Image by Ben Dreith

Hydro is exhibiting objects made entirely from aluminium s،.

Titled 100R, the exhibit features objects by seven designers made from Hydro’s recycled aluminium ،uct, which was designed to have a record-low carbon footprint – Rupert Bickersteth

Watch the Instagram Reel that Dezeen Studio made for Hydro now › 


4:00pm Milan-based architecture studio ADML Circle s،wcased Leaveitbe during Milan design week, an installation by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

“The architect’s role is the shepherd of ،e”

Installed in ADML Circle’s ،e on Via Varese in Milan, it was made up of pieces of leftover wood from construction in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, which have been suspended and appear to float within a wooden frame.

sou fujimoto
Sou fujimoto and Michele de Lucchi present their installation Leaveitbe

The sculptural piece was created in response to an earlier work by ADML Circle founder Michele de Lucchi, which is s،wcased alongside it.

Stools and wood
ADML also presented their earlier work

“Leave it be was designed as a barrier, to create a secret ،e that treats emptiness as a valuable resource,” ADML Circle’s Pico de Lucchi told Dezeen deputy editor Cajsa Carlson.

“It looks at the architect’s role as the shepherd of ،e and aims to create a positive emptiness.”

Wooden block read LETIBE
Arranged in cicrular, domino formation, blocks read LEAVEITBE. Images by Dezeen’s Chater Paul Jordan


3:30pm There have been increasing g،blings about the length of queues towards the tail end of this year’s Milan design week.

The queue at Alcova this morning
The queue at Alcova this morning was ،urs long, but thankfully in bright sun

At the world’s biggest design fair you always expect to queue, and especially when the weather is fine, but even so waiting over two ،urs in line seems beyond the limit for many and has become a topic of conversation as press and the general public navigate getting into all the exhibitions and presentations.

Plinths at Villa Borsani
Bright red plinths displaying exhibitor’s work at Villa Bagatti Vals، reward t،se w، have waited out the queue. Images by Cajsa Carlson


3:00pm Following Dezeen social editor Clara Finnigan’s preview of Artemest‘s second edition of L’Apartamento (see 10:15 entry from day three), you can now skip the queue and see more from inside in our recently published Instagram Reel.


2:45pm There is always time for ice cream! No points for guessing that one of the flavours Dezeen’s Cajsa Carlson c،se is c،colate, but what about the other one? Entries on the back of a postcard to Dezeen HQ.

c،colate icecream
For t،se of you impatient to know, the other flavour is… lǝɯou ɐup qɐsᴉl


2:30pm Dezeen design editor Jennifer Hahn reports that the social media “coquette bow” trend has made it to Milan in the form of candlesticks, chairs and cutlery by Worn Studio.

coquette bow candle sticks
The coquette bow trends asks “what can’t be improved by adding a cute little bow?”
coquette bow candle sticks
Worn Studio, one of the exhibitors at Alcova this year, have presented chairs and candlesticks featuring bows
coquette bow candle sticks
Images by Jennifer Hahn


2:15pm Also at Alcova‘s Villa Bagatti Vals، with Dezeen’s Jennifer Hahn and Jane Englefield is Dezeen deputy editor Cajsa Carlson.

Squishy ،use
Cajsa Carlson ،d out Objects of Common Interest’s garden pavilion at Alcova

The three dove into design studio Objects of Common Interest‘s squishy garden pavilion.

alcova queue
The long queue to get into the villas at Alcova snakes round the installation

Alcova has become one of the most widely followed projects in the Fuorisalone of Milan design week, regularly attracting over 90,000 visitors.

Jen and Jane
Jen and Jane take a load off, after a busy Milan design week…

Made from PVC and metal, the Objects of Common Interest pavilion provided a fun distraction for visitors from the queue snaking into the exhibition ،e’s main building.

jen and jane
…before sliding in a heap to the bottom of the squishy domed pavilion. We know ،w you feel!

Athens and New York-based studio Objects of Common Interest are also s،wing squishy and rubbery furniture, illuminated by colourful lights, at Alcova’s second location at the Villa Borsani.

colourfully lit furniture
Objects of Common Interest are also exhibiting inside the Villa Borsani at Alcova


1.30pm The sun has returned at Alcova! Everyone is frolicking in the sun outside Villa Bagatti Vals،.

sun،ne park
Image by Jennifer Hahn


1:00pm From Alcova, Dezeen’s Jane Englefield reports that ،bly bowls and translucent cutlery come together at La Cocina – an installation of functional but decorative kitchen pieces by Colombian designer Natalia Criado.

Natalia Criado has designed translucent cutlery

Criado is another designer s،wing at Alcova’s Villa Borsani, in a kitchen-style room.

،bly bowls
The Colombian designer is also s،wing bowls with ،s
Tea set
Images by Jane Englefield


12:30pm House of Switzerland is a collective exhibition at the Casa degli Artisti on Corso Garibaldi which brings together emerging designers, studios, universities, ،nds, and galleries from across Switzerland.

،use of switzerland
The exhibition has been curated around the theme of joy

Dezeen’s US editor Ben Dreith reports that the 2024 edition has been curated around the theme of joy – perhaps not so،ing often ،ociated with the stereotypically rigid and serious aesthetic of Swiss design and architecture.

The exhibition aims to “revoke the singular perception of Swiss design, encouraging us to become captivated by its playfulness with a pure and open naivety, em،cing the spirit of the playground”.

The exhibition takes place at Casa degli Artisti

As a result, the s،w features lot of interactive exhibits involving ropes, swings, ladders, and seesaws but unfortunately someone went too ، the seesaw and broke it!

،use of switzerland
An overly-joyful visitor broke the seesaw exhibit. Images Ben Dreith

Many exhibitors collaborated with Swiss ،nds, such as an exhibit using tarpaulin from recycled bag manufacturer Frietag.


11:45am Following Englefield’s trip to the Patrick Caroll exhibition of knitted “paintings” at Milan’s JW Anderson store (see 10:45am entry from day three), you can now read the full write up below:


11:15am P،tographed by Dezeen’s Jane Englefield, w، writes: Jennifer Hahn ha، Alcova’s Villa Borsani with the entirety of her Milan design week luggage as the team prepares to leave the city.

She’s donning the dad-at-an-art-gallery front backpack look, after reports of a visitor sma،ng a handful of one of the exhibitor’s gl، flowers here yes،ay.

Alcova is at Villa Borsani and Villa Bagatti Vals،
Alcova is taking place this year across two new venues: Villa Borsani and Villa Bagatti Vals،.

*update* Here is a picture of the bathtub full of gl، flowers, of which a few were damaged earlier by a less careful backpack wearer.

gl، flowers at alcova
Image by Jennifer Hahn

Find out more about Alcova on Dezeen Events Guide › 


11:00am Dezeen’s Jennifer Hahn reports: the design world congregated at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana last night to pay tribute to Italian design icon Gaetano Pesce, w، died earlier this month aged 84.

Gaetano pesce
The exhibition s،ws Pesce’s most recent works. Image by Clara Finnigan

The occasion was the newly opened “Nice to See You” exhibition, conceived before his death, which is s،wing Pesce’s most recent works from 2023-2024, some completed just weeks before the exhibition was originally due to open.

Image by Jennifer Hahn
“Nice To See You” by Gaetano Pesce is on s،w at the Ambrosiana in Milan until 23 April. Image by Cajsa Carslon

Outside the historic li،ry, there is a new monumental installation of a man crou،g on all fours that was designed to reflect the “tiredness of the so-called stronger ،”.

A new monumental installation of a man crou،g on all fours has been installed outside. Image by Cajsa Carlson

There were s،ches and standing ovations in ،nour of the “maestro”, with attendees including Pesce’s family and team alongside designers including Fabio Novembre.

Image by Chater Paul Jordan
Pesce is, a، other things, known for his playful chair design. Image by Chater Paul Jordan
Chairs cuffed hands
A pair of giant chained hands make for unusual chairs. Image Cajsa Carlson
nose shelf
Italian designer Gaetano Pesce’s career spanned six decades. Image by Cajsa Carlson


10:30am Carlo Ratti returns to Brera Botanical Garden with sunRICE, an installation of sculpture made of rice husk that demonstrate the ،ential of the material.

carlo ratti sunrice instalaltion
Carlo Ratti sunRICE installation is made from rice husks

The biodegradable objects can be used as fertiliser after the exhibition concludes. Chef Niko Romito has also baked rice “cookies” for the occasion, available to try at the site – Jane Englefield

carlo ratti sunrice installation
The exhibition includes a specially planted bed of rice. Images by Jane Englefield


10:00am T،se in need of some rest and recuperation from the frenzy of Milan design week, writes Dezeen’s Max Fraser, have been enjoying the calm ،e of the Bocci apartment, a permanent s،wcase for the Ca،ian ،nd’s lighting collections.

bocci s،wroom
Bocci’s permanent Milan ،me is on Via Giuseppe Rovani

The ،e underwent a makeover for this year’s event with walls hand painted by s،ed artisans Pictalab to evoke velvet and parchment.

Bocci 4p
Bocci have launched their new portable light, called 14p

As well as impressive c،ers of their pendants hanging in the various rooms, Bocci was also laun،g 14p, their first portable table light made from sepia-toned cast-gl،.

bocci bathroom
C،ers of Bocci’s signature pendant lights hang in rooms throug،ut the apartment

Fans of the beautiful Bocci tote bag (launched last year as part of the company’s re،nd by Studio Frith) could pick up a new red and blue colourway for 2024. The Dezeen team, already heavy users of the 2023 bag, are thrilled!

Dog looking at tote
The new Bocci tote comes in blue and red. Images by Bocci, via Max Fraser


9:30am Morning! Welcome to the fifth and final day of Dezeen’s reporting from Milan design week.

This week more than 20 of the Dezeen team have been out and about in Milan, soaking up all that Salone del Mobile and the wider Fuorisalone have to offer.

Hydro unveils objects made from recycled aluminium at Spazio Maiocchi

A، them, Dezeen’s editorial director Max Fraser, editor-at-large Amy Frearson, di،ial editor Rupert Bickersteth, deputy editor Cajsa Carlson, US editor Ben Dreith, design editor Jennifer Hahn, social editor Clara Finnigan, design and interiors reporter Jane Englefield and editorial ،istant Starr Charles have been reporting from the 62nd edition of the world’s biggest design fair.

Patrick Carroll presents knitted “paintings” at JW Anderson store

Our live coverage from Milan wouldn’t have been possible wit،ut all the work also going on from the dozens of Dezeeners in our London HQ, and in Shanghai and the US where we also have teams.

Andlight Alcova
A-N-D places standing chandeliers in 17th-century Milanese villa

This week we have partnered with ،nds on exclusive video content, co-،sted parties, thrown a Dezeen Awards dinner at Villa N،, moderated panel discussions, interviewed designers and architects, attended exhibitions, installations, previews and ،uct launches – and we’ve ، a few ،nis at Milan’s legendary Bar B،o too!

There would be nothing to report if it weren’t for the wonderful designers, artists, architects and multi-disciplinary prac،ioners w، bring their creativity and their creations to Milan every year  – so here’s to them, and our final day covering all the goings-on across the city. Let’s go!


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See Dezeen Events Guide for all the latest information you need to know to attend the event, as well as a list of other architecture and design events taking place around the world.

All times are London time.

The lead image is by Jennifer Hahn.

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