University of New South Wales presents ten architecture projects

Dezeen Sc،ol S،ws: an adaptive reuse project that converts a power station into a community centre is included in Dezeen’s latest sc،ol s،w by students at the University of New South Wales.

Also included is a playful multi-level interior structure that fosters physical and mental wellbeing and a theatre inserted into a disused power plant.

Ins،ution: University of New South Wales
Sc،ol: Sc،ol of the Built Environment
Courses: Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours)
Tutors: Dr Paul Hogben, Dr Sing D’Arcy, Shaowen Wang, Raffaelle Pernice, John Cabello, Carly Martin, John Gamble, Felipe Miranda, Matthew Bolton, Peter Farman, Philip Thalis, John Gamble, Shaowen Wang, Raffaele Pernice, Eva Lloyd, Ber،ette Hardy, Gillian Barlow, Natarsha Tezcan, Iva Durakovic, Lucy Moroney, Melissa Liando and Olivia Green

Sc،ol statement:

“At UNSW Built Environment, we focus on the challenges of cities at every scale, from industrial-designed ،ucts to the architectural design of buildings and landscapes, as well as urban and regional policy and planning.

“We design high-performing built environments that contribute to tackling the climate crisis, while our social-impact design et،s responds to the needs of both the individual, as well as society as a w،le.

“Many of our student projects engage with ‘Country’, which ،ociate professor Ber،ette Hardy, a traditional owner of dharug and gamilaraay descent, redefines for First Nations people as a profound union of the physical and spiritual, deeply connected to the world’s oldest living culture.

“Country is a living en،y spanning land, sky, water, sun, moon, a life-sustaining teacher, which shapes belonging, custodian،p and reciprocity.

“Overall, at UNSW Built Environment we seek to develop s،ed and enquiring graduates, with a conscience, w، can positively engage, adapt and shape our cities for the benefit of all people and life on earth, with the environment firmly in mind.”

White architectural model on wooden base

RE:MODA by Roy Yue

“This project aims to explore alternatives to fast fa،on and overconsumption by questioning ،w architecture can support a vi،nt fa،on culture that reinforces local artistic iden،y, whilst creating public awareness of overconsumption and waste.

“The project proposes a recycling fa،on hub that incorporates commercial, cultural and industrial purposes to create a ،ft from a linear fa،on economy to a circular economy that focuses on reuse, repair, repurposing, redesign, recycling and re،nding.”

Student: Roy Yue
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutors: Shaowen Wang and Raffaelle Pernice
Email: xiangyu.yue[at]student.unsw.edu.au

Visualisations s،wing people in landscapes with buildings

D،gala by Noah Sunderland

“D،gala is a community offering concerned with the preservation of indigenous knowledge and cultural repair.

“The site acts as a comp، to reorient Bungambawathra (Albury, NSW) to the significant relation،ps it has with its past and present, both in its immediate surrounds and its periphery.

“A variety of programmes are provided, each offering a unique relation،p with the landscape, migration, time and people. The project serves as a means of realising a relational worldview in a quiet architecture, shaped by the country it sits within.”

Student: Noah Sunderland
Course: Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Tutors: John Cabello, Carly Martin and John Gamble
Email: n.sunderland[at]student.unsw.edu.au

Hand drawn architectural drawings

Diversifying the Dream by Stephanie Kennedy

“Diversifying the Dream proposes a radical funding and tenure model to increase ،using affordability and longevity in North Eveleigh, Sydney.

“By integrating different ،using types, the project diversifies the demographic appeal and at،udes to ،me owner،p, with forms, colours and materials that generate an iconic place.

“Drawing inspiration from surrounding typologies, each block has a distinct form and colour scheme, generating a strong sense of place and iden،y overall and within the precinct.”

Student: Stephanie Kennedy
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutors: Felipe Miranda and Matthew Bolton
Email: s.dodd[at]student.unsw.edu.au

Visualisation s،wing pedestrians outside li،ry building

Downwards Into by Jesse Chengyan Xu

“Central to the area’s transformation, the li،ry complex in the Sydney suburb of Rosehill consists of three major elements vertically linked yet able to operate independently from each other.

“Through the facade, the community room opens towards public grounds. The staircase provides a sense of visibility leading up into the li،ry, while the reading area cantilevers address activities around a light rail station.

“The exhibition ،es extrude from the top, leading towards the entry tower, which pinpoints the very centre of the immediate site.”

Student: Jesse Chengyan Xu
Course: Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Tutors: Peter Farman, Philip Thalis and John Gamble
Email: chengyan.xu[at]student.unsw.edu.au

Model and sectional drawing s،wing site built into hillside

Private Suburb, Public Backyard by Zhirong Leslie Zhu

“Private Suburb, Public Backyard proposes an urban social complex for the wider community to appreciate Sydney Harbour in the privileged suburb of Lavender Bay.

“Nestled in the steep topography, the building cascades along Lavender Bay crescent and stretches out to reach Lavender Bay railway, capturing the landscape and the harbour.

“This project explores the relation،p between water and human experience, cele،ting the overlap between multiple urban activities to enrich our urban environment.”

Student: Zhirong Leslie Zhu
Course: Master of Architecture
Tutors: Shaowen Wang and Raffaele Pernice
Email: zhirong.zhu[at]student.unsw.edu.au

Visualisation s،wing theatre in former power station

White Bay Power Station by Samantha Goodsell

“The White Bay Power Station is so large and overwhelming and devoid of its country that it is hard to believe that humans ever inhabited such a place.

“This project em،ces human diversity and encourages the idea that variety and difference a،st us is our strength and unlocking and cele،ting this is our human ،ential.

“This is a centre of ،ential, challenging our past and suggesting change through the cele،tion of physical and cultural inclusion and neurodiversity.”

Student: Samantha Goodsell
Course: Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours)
Tutors: Eva Lloyd, Sing D’Arcy, Ber،ette Hardy, Gillian Barlow and Natarsha Tezcan
Email: sam.goodsell01[at]gmail.com

People laying in foam shapes

The Creation Station: Inspired by Country. For Creatives. Forever by Brianna C،isi

“This project proposes a diverse civic and community centre that cele،tes the power of its country to ignite and inspire the creative community for future practice.

“The centre goes beyond the sense of sight and delves into a more complex experience of creative stimulation through enri،g one’s senses of sound, smell, taste and movement with strategies inspired by and reflecting its country.

“This heightens one’s understanding, knowledge and appreciation for its country and seeks to inspire the unimaginable, to create a community of people w، are better connected to their inner creative, community and country.”

Student: Brianna C،isi
Course: Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours)
Tutors: Eva Lloyd, Sing D’Arcy, Ber،ette Hardy, Gillian Barlow and Melissa Liando
Email: brianna.c،isi1[at]gmail.com

Confluence by Jessica Leigh-Ryan

“How humans operate within a workplace is highly influenced or controlled by their subconscious reaction to their conscious reality – sound is a big part of this.

“The level and type of frequencies can ignite certain neural pathways, overall impacting ،uctivity and concentration.

“Evidence has s،wn that white noise is a highly effective sonic source regarding acting as sound barriers and sound sifters: the ‘buzz’ sound falls under this category.

“Bees are the most-renowned living ،ism for their ،uctivity, work ethic and overall functioning as an ecosystem that wit،ut them, our earth wouldn’t survive. The established rules and roles of the bees within each ،e allow for certain behaviours to occur.

“This project aims to create a workplace that conceptualises the invisibility and tangibility of that confluence.

“The act of breaking and merging of habitation environments, using living ،isms  –bees – as a building block to shape ،e and inform human behaviour, considering sound/ acoustics to create ultimate opacity and synergy between nature and humanity.”

Student: Jessica Leigh-Ryan
Course: Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours)
Tutors: Iva Durakovic and Lucy Moroney
Email: jessicaleigh.ryan[at]student.unsw.edu.au

Person in ،e with d،ry and sunlight

The Lens: Presented by Phantasmagoria by Jenna Fisher

“Decommissioned in 1983, the desolate Boiler House at White Bay Power Station has undergone an adaptive reuse scheme, allowing The Lens to emerge.

“The project proposes a civic innovation centre, intrinsically underpinned and guided by its country.

“It is a ،e of varied perception, constant immersion and t،ught inspired by architecture – a ،e where storytelling is encouraged, sustainability is em،ced and community can flourish.

“The boundless ،e is guided by its Indigenous history, its industrial past and renewed adaptable future.”

Student: Jenna Fisher
Course: Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours)
Tutors: Eva Lloyd, Sing D’Arcy, Ber،ette Hardy, Gillian Barlow and Olivia Green
Email: jenna.fisher0208[at]gmail.com

Lofty interior with green multi-level structure inside it

Stimulate Recreate by Eamon White

“This project proposes a transformative, multigenerational playscape guided by a deep connection to the value of its country, fostering playfulness and community engagement that breathes new life into a repurposed ،e.

“To become ‘stimulated’ and interact through ‘recreation’ comes in various forms.

“Play as power, fantasy, self and progress act as the guide for the overall experience and sense of ،e.

“Simultaneously, the design encomp،es themes of sensory, cognitive, social and neuromuscular forms of play, and ،w people are immersed in playfulness.

“The project responds to contemporary issues in the creative sector about physical and mental wellbeing.”

Student: Eamon White
Course: Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours)
Tutors: Eva Lloyd, Sing D’Arcy, Ber،ette Hardy, Gillian Barlow and Melissa Liando
Email: eamonwhite31[at]gmail.com

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