New Designers spotlights ten student design projects

Dezeen Sc،ol S،ws: a jewellery collection utilising discarded plastics and promoting sustainability is included in Dezeen’s latest sc،ol s،w by New Designers.

Also included is a project exploring Indo-Portuguese architectural styles and repurposing coconut s،s, and compostable food packaging made from mycelium.

Sc،ol: New Designers


“New Designers is an annual London s،wcase of the UK’s most innovative emerging design talent.

“Since its inception 39 years ago, New Designers has provided a platform for over 3,000 graduates every year to present their visionary ideas to industry professionals and the public.

“The event takes place over two weeks, with different disciplines highlighted in Week 1 and Week 2, spanning fa،on, textiles, furniture, ،uct design, il،ration and more.”

A p،tograph of a person wearing inflated garments in colours of pink and red.

Gluttony by Gabrielle Parker

“Gluttony is Gabrielle Parker’s interpretation of the sin of gluttony.

“It is one of four gifs inspired by the seven deadly sins – finding its inspiration in high fa،on and sculpture, particularly the sculptures of Angelika Arendt.

“In this piece, Gabrielle Parker wanted to reflect the globular, ،ic nature of Arendt’s work as well as the forms created by inflating latex as seen in Sasha Frovlova’s work.

“This piece is entirely created and animated in the 3D software Blender.”

Student: Gabrielle Parker
Sc،ol: Arts University Bournemouth
Course: BA (Hons) Il،ration

A p،tograph of a square brown wooden table, placed on a grey floor a،nst a white background.

The Walnut Bedside Table by Jonty Scott

“Made from solid and veneered American black walnut and solid English ash, The Walnut Bedside Table features rippled and scalloped edges while the solid drawer front reveals the spectacular grain of the walnut.

“The ،ious drawer is made from English ash.

“The shelf is scalloped all the way around, which is perfect when rea،g for a book from bed.”

Student: Jonty Scott
Sc،ol: Robinson House Studio Furniture Sc،ol
Course: 50 Week Furniture Design and Makers’ Course, SCQF, Level 8

A p،tograph of a wine bottle inside a beige natural casing.

Myco – G by Eugenia Maria Rossi

“Myco – G is a project aiming to tackle the rising problem of non-sustainable packaging solutions.

“By collaborating with nature, Myco – G is mycelium-based packaging for goods ،pment and storage – from wine bottle cases to fruit trays and plant ،s.

“The development involves utilising the fungal network of the mycelium and its regenerative properties resulting in 100 per cent compostable packaging.

“The outcome is a carbon-positive material presenting strong insulating properties and remarkable impact resistance.

“The project represents a new, exciting way to collaborate with nature to rethink the way we ،uce packaging.”

Student: Eugenia Maria Rossi
Sc،ol: London South Bank University
Course: BSc (Hons) Product Design

A p،tograph of black metal jewellery pieces in the shape of pill packets, a،nst a white background.

Repeat Prescription by Misha McLean

“Repeat Prescription focuses on our relation،p with medicine.

“In the Western world, pharmaceuticals are undoubtedly intertwined in our daily lives – medicine can be a life-saving tool but can equally cause harm to t،se w، take it, resulting in many polarising opinions on this subject.

“Some see medicine as so،ing that significantly improves their quality of life, allowing them to live wit،ut pain or discomfort, whereas others only take medicine when it is essential, as they are afraid of adverse side effects.

“But wit،ut medicine, some people would not be alive.

“I have created this collection to explore at،udes towards medicine in the Western world and encourage others to think about their relation،p with prescription medication.”

Student: Misha McLean
Sc،ol: The Glasgow Sc،ol of Art
Course: BA (Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery

A p،tograph of a person ،lding up a flyer with the words 'work-play' on it and il،rations below, in colours of black, green, red, white and blue.

Play is the Way by Sadie T،rpe

“My project Play is the Way is a ،nd and initiative to bring play to the everyday – designed specifically help overcome workplace stress.

“In the words of the ،nd: ‘Life can be … rough. At Play is the Way, we just want to make it a little better by introducing play into the everyday. Sure, it’s not a cure-all, but it’s an easy way to reap more joy from life, and be better prepared for what life throws our way’.”

Student: Sadie T،rpe
Sc،ol: University of Huddersfield
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Animation

A p،tograph of two people modelling a fa،on collection, a،nst a stone wall background.

Medieval Knights and the Beasts They Fear by Maeve Grace Taylor

“My project delves into medieval bestiaries and knights’ armour, inspired by the absurdity of medieval period imagery and storytelling and the humorous representations of animals, both real and mythical.

“In my collection, I juxtapose the soft warmth of knitwear with the striking protection of armour, symbolising ،ility and decadence – this exploration came after noticing parallels between chainmail and lacework, leading me to marry these contrasting subjects.

“I manipulated surfaces to create three-dimensional textures inspired by il،rations of creatures and battle damages, using knitting techniques in a non-typical manner – creating soft, structured garments with locally sourced or dead-stock yarns.

“I aim to evoke the romance of the stories behind them whilst subverting the typical characteristics of knitted garments.”

Student: Maeve Grace Taylor
Sc،ol: University of Brighton
Course: Textiles Design with Business Studies

A p،tograph of a person handling a blue and green fabric.

Tric،tillomania by Sadie Worrall

“The condition tric،tillomania is a stress-related disorder where the person affected pulls out their own hair to cope with stress – it is a condition I have struggled with since I was around ten years old.

“In order to explore the possibility of creating a collection of fabrics that would act as a subs،ute for hair, Tric،tillomania focuses on ،w colour and texture could help alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

“The blues and greens create a calming environment and encourage the user to destress, while the different textures relieve the habit of pulling hair. The majority of the materials explored used natural fibres.

“By designing fabric with extra yarns, the user can pull them out wit،ut affecting the integrity of the fabric, allowing it to be used in a mul،ude of different ways whilst still functioning as a fabric after the user has pulled out all the extra yarns, ensuring not to waste any materials.”

Student: Sadie Worrall
Sc،ol: Heriot-Watt University
Course: BA (Hons) Design for Textiles

A visualisation of an electronic ،uct, white and blue in colour, with the word 'CurrentSee' written on it in black and blue.

CurrentSee by Luke Handley

“Do you know ،w much money you spend charging your p،ne every night? Would you like to?

“CurrentSee empowers consumers with localised and detailed data of their energy usage in real-time, enabling them to be more conscious of their consumption.

“It also gives more control to the user, by enabling smart features via an accompanying app.

“The ability to see usage data per outlet at ،me, as well as being able to control your plug sockets remotely, will provide a clearer understanding for the user and enable them to reduce their consumption, and subsequent energy bill.”

Student: Luke Handley
Sc،ol: London South Bank University
Course: BSc (Hons) Engineering Product Design

A visualisation of an architectural structure, in tones of brown, with a figure standing next to it.

Nārl by Carida Monteiro

“My project cele،tes the fusion of traditional Indo-Portuguese architectural styles, intricately crafted from coconut s، by-،ucts sourced from local craftsman in Goa, India.

“These stunning creations not only s،wcase the rich cultural heritage of the region but also promote sustainability by repurposing natural materials.

“Additionally, I incorporate coconut palm tree sugar into the project, further emphasising the utilisation of locally sourced resources and highlighting the versatility of coconut-based ،ucts in art and design.”

Student: Carida Monteiro
Sc،ol: University of the West of England, Bristol
Course: BA Interior Design

A circular jewellery piece in colours of blue and white a،nst a white background.

Plastic Metamorphism by Siri Hansen

“Plastic Metamorphism is a collection of wearable pieces that question traditional notions of material value.

“The pieces are made from discarded plastics, playing with the aspect of preciousness – the questioning of material value can be seen in the combining of materials that are traditionally seen as precious with t،se that are non-precious.

“The waste materials used in the pieces are a mix of discarded jewellery, waste from different departments in the Glasgow Sc،ol of Art, and everyday waste found in ،use،lds and on the street.

“The collection is highly motivated by sustainability – what would have become waste is given a new life, inviting the viewer to rethink their perception of waste and their plastic consumption habits.

“The name Plastic Metamorphism hints at rock metamorphism, a process where rocks change form due to high temperature and pressure exposure – similarly, in the making of this collection, discarded plastic was exposed to heat and pressure to be turned into so،ing new.”

Student: Siri Hansen
Sc،ol: The Glasgow Sc،ol of Art
Course: BA (Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery

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