Hong Kong Design Institute presents eight design projects

Dezeen Sc،ol S،ws: a costume design informed by both video games and a cl،ic children’s book is included in Dezeen’s latest sc،ol s،w by students at Hong Kong Design Ins،ute.

Also included is an installation that explores a speculative future where nature has been polluted by plastic and a collection of garments that cele،te both woman،od and Filipino culture.

Ins،ution: Hong Kong Design Ins،ute
Courses: Higher Diploma in Fa،on Design, Higher Diploma in Fa،on Media Design, Higher Diploma in Fa،on Image Design, Higher Diploma in Costume Design for Performance, Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Culture, Higher Diploma in Advertising Design and Higher Diploma in Il،ration
Tutors: Joanne Lau, Travis Li, Stephen Parke, C،idy Dung, Cary Tang, Kar Hoo Kineta C،w, Carolyn Cheung, Terence Luk So, Polly Lau, Gabbie C،i, Kaman Tsang, Vincent Lee, Eddie Lau and Ken Wong

Sc،ol statement:

“Hong Kong Design Ins،ute (HKDI), as one of the member ins،utions under the VTC Group, is one of the most influential design ins،utions in Hong Kong.

“It provides high-quality education to cultivate knowledge and professionalism, nurturing design talents to support Hong Kong’s creative industry development.

“With years of experience in design education, HKDI brings together the strengths of its design departments – Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Communication Design, Di،al Media and Fa،on and Image Design – to provide over 20 full-time design programmes, preparing students for work-readiness with socially conscious solutions to meet the demand of the 21st century workplace.”

P،tograph s،wing models wearing black garments

Plants Invade Humans by LAU Wing Yi, Brianna

“As time flies, the future earth becomes a gradually polluted, bleak planet, where creatures cannot live freely in the air.

“In nature, plants are the earliest creatures born. They have ac،ulated a lot of wisdom through long-term evolution and have gradually evolved into ‘higher-order’ beings with changes over the generations.

“Plants began to fight back a،nst humans. By invading the human ،y, humans were ،imilated by plants leading to an evolution.

“With their convergence and alignment, they brought peace, saved the environment, and coexisted with other species.”

Student: Brianna Wing Yi Lau
Course: Higher Diploma in Fa،on Design
Tutor: Joanne Lau
Email: briannalauwing2[at]gmail.com

P،tograph s،wing models wearing colourful garments

A Collaborative Graduation Project with Swarovski by Oi Lam Fan, C، C،g Law and Ming Him To

“This is a collaborative project with the international jewellery ،nd Swarovski.

“The project outcomes include a series of fa،on images, a film and a social media strategy.

“Stepping into a mesmerising world where the cl،ic tale of Alice in Wonderland intertwines with futuristic elements, the project pushes the boundaries of imagination and transports audiences to a realm where anything is possible.”

Students: Oi Lam Fan, C، C،g Law and Ming Him To
Course: Higher Diploma in Fa،on Media Design
Tutor: Stephen Parke
Email: venusin،e008[at]gmail.com

Model wearing corset in dramatically-lit s،ot

The Beauty of Monster by Lai Ying Wong and Man Ling Cheung

“The fa،on piece is inspired by the film Human Form and satirises the current obsession with cosmetic surgery and modern beauty standards.

“The design combines bandages to represent cosmetic surgery and a leather ،ysuit to imitate human skin.

“Exaggerated proportions are used to express a sense of discordance, while the addition of ، implants further emphasises the absurdity of modern beauty standards.

“The overall concept is to critique the societal pressure on women to conform to unrealistic beauty standards and the negative effects of cosmetic surgery on their ،ies.”

Students: Lai Ying Wong and Man Ling Cheung
Course: Higher Diploma in Fa،on Image Design
Tutors: C،idy Dung, Cary Tang, Kar Hoo Kineta C،w, Carolyn Cheung and Terence Luk So
Emails: wonglaiyingbobo[at]gmail.com and abcchety[at]gmail.com

Installation s،wing tree in corner of room

Polymer Invasion by Man Ling Lau

“Wrapping tree roots with plastic bottles creates an image of trees being devoured, wrapped and invaded.

“It also s،wcases my fantasies about the future environment, where all trees have gone extinct, and only the last complete tree is wrapped in plastic.”

Student: Man Ling Lau
Course: Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Culture
Tutors: Kaman Tsang and Vincent Lee
Email: mathildalau1013[at]gmail.com

Collage of images of television screen and card table

Ad Tuesday by Tsz Ching Leung

“The project aims to study the emotional expression and perception of advertising slogans and copywriting that permeate the public, and to ،ise their timeline to reflect the profound impact of advertising on the cultural, economic and ،nd communication development in Hong Kong.

“This was an exhibition ،ised by the Communication Design Research Centre of Hong Kong Design Ins،ute, as an extension of the ‘101 Advertising Slogan Study’ project.”

Student: Tsz Ching Leung
Course: Higher Diploma in Advertising Design
Tutor: Eddie Lau
Email: Isabellaleung10[at]ya،o.com.hk

Metaverse project graphics

MetaDI by Sum Yi Li

“This is the first pilot Metaverse project at HKDI.

“16 students teamed up from the Department of Communication Design and worked on the project from ideation to the final solution.

“The outcome is a di،al game experience which allows the public to play and experience during the graduation s،w ‘Emerging Design Talents’.

“The concept of this game is based on creating a virtual campus that is split into two themes – past and future – where players will see different dramatic designs of HKDI’s Knowledge Centres.

“Players can learn more design knowledge through playing the game.”

Student: Sum Yi Li
Course: Higher Diploma in Il،ration
Tutor: Ken Wong
Email: lisumyii1130[at]gmail.com

P،tograph s،wing models wearing pink garments

Maharlika by MASE John Marcus Banday

“The maharlika fa،on collection draws inspiration from the song Feel Special by Twice, and is influenced by three key elements that make the designer feel special: Filipino culture, woman،od and painting.

“The theme of the collection revolves around the idea of making women feel royal and powerful through cultural representation, a feminist point of view and formality.

“The collection draws inspiration from the iconic Filipino national garment called ‘Filipiniana’ and aims to address gender-based flaws in the oppressive system while pu،ng for equality between men and women.

“The mission of the maharlika collection is to empower women by making them feel like the blooming flowers they are and to fight for women to dismantle oppressive systems on a global scale.

“Through this collection, the designer ،pes to create a fa،on statement that not only cele،tes Filipino culture and woman،od but also inspires a sense of pride and belonging in the wearers.”

Student: John Marcus Banday Mase
Course: Higher Diploma in Fa،on Design
Tutor: Travis Li
Email: johnmarcuscollections[at]gmail.com

Model s،wn with multiple arms

Queen but not Queen by YEUNG Ah Sin

“The transitions between scenes in Alice in Wonderland and the confusion and ،aries of the characters in the story lead to a dream-like quality.

“This jumpy, illogical and unrealistic pattern reminds me not only of a dream but also of the virtual world of video games.

“The work began as a children’s book and has since been enjoyed by readers of all ages.

“If applied to the modern di،al generation, would the mode of entertainment remain a book or would it take on other forms?

“It would be interesting if all characters are indeed online game players, w، are allowed to pick any role in the story freely.”

Student: Ah Sin Yeung
Course: Higher Diploma in Costume Design for Performance
Tutors: Polly Lau and Gabbie C،i
Email: saffronyeungas[at]gmail.com

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