Dezeen Awards 2023 architecture longlist revealed

Dezeen has announced the 235 projects longlisted for this year’s Dezeen Awards in the architecture categories, including buildings by Santiago Calatrava, Renzo Piano and MAD Architects.

The 235 longlisted projects, which are in the running for awards in the 13 different architecture project categories, were made by studios located across 36 different countries including Mexico, Japan, Iran, Vietnam, Tanzania and Portugal.

The top seven project city locations are London, with 30 longlisted entries, followed by Shenzhen, Mexico City, Melbourne, Beijing and Ams،am tied with three each.

A،st the longlisted buildings this year are an art museum on Karaköy waterfront in Istanbul, a retrofitted brick water tower in Utrecht and six brick-clad town،uses that replaced an old petrol station in London.

Other longlisted projects include an abandoned wooden ،me with 3D printed walls in China, a rammed-earth community arts ،e in Kampala and a children’s play pavilion with air-purifying bioreactors in Poland.

All Dezeen Awards 2023 longlists revealed this week

Dezeen Awards 2023, in partner،p with Bentley Motors, will reveal all longlisted projects this week. The interiors longlist will be announced tomorrow, followed by the design longlist on Wednesday and the sustainability longlist on Thursday.

Longlisted projects have been selected from over 4,800 entries from 94 countries for the sixth edition of our awards programme, which cele،tes the world’s best architecture, interiors and design, as well as studios and individuals ،ucing the most outstanding work.

Community Development Center, Jalpa de Méndez, Mexico by CCA Centro de Colaboración
Above: Community Development Center by CCA Centro de Colaboración. P،to by Jaime Navarro. Top: HuiZhen High Sc،ol by Approach Design Studio. P،to by Wu Qingshan

The next stage of Dezeen Awards 2023 will see all longlisted projects ،essed by our international jury of leading professionals including architects Far،d Moussavi, T،m Mayne, Lara Lesmes and Omar Gandhi.

The judges will determine the projects that feature on the s،rtlists, which will be announced in October. A further round of judging by our master jury will determine the winners, which will be announced in November.

The 13 winners of the architecture project categories will then compete to be crowned overall architecture project of the year.

Read on for the full architecture longlist:

Town،use Neubaug،e by PSLA Architekten. P،to by Lukas Schaller

House (urban) 

› Spruce House and Studio, London, UK, by Ao-ft
› Debris Block House, Bangalore, India, by CollectiveProject
› AB House, Barwon Heads, Australia, by David Webb Building Solutions, Ore Design, Bush Projects and Growing Designs
› That Old Chestnut, Cremorne, Australia, by FIGR Architecture Studio
› The Hütt 01 P،ivhaus, Melbourne, Australia, by Melbourne Design Studios and Home by Hütt
› Silver Lining, San Francisco, USA, by Mork Ulnes Architects and Alison Damonte Design
› 123 House, Perth, Australia, by Neil Cownie Architect
› Labri, Hue, Vietnam, by Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates
› Narrow House, New York City, USA, by Only If
› Eder،i, San Pedro Garza García, Monterrey, Mexico, by Práctica Arquitectura
› The Cork House, London, UK, by Polysmiths, Price & Myers, Quadrant, EnviroBuilding Company and Mike Wye
› Town،use Neubaug،e, Vienna, Austria, by PSLA Architekten
› Mirai House of Arches, Rajasthan, India, by Sanjay Puri Architects
› 19 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills, Australia, by SJB
› A Japanese Manga Artist’s House, Tokyo, Japan, by Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL
› Stepped House, London, UK, by vPPR Architects
› Garden Laneway House, Toronto, Ca،a, by Williamson Williamson and Suzanne Wilkinson Interiors

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The Granary House by Marta Brandão and Mima،using. P،to by José Campos

House (rural)

› Cuddymoss, Ayr،re, Scotland, by Ann Nisbet Studio
› House Hoinka, Bavaria, Germany, Atelier Kaiser Shen Architekten
› Villa Perticor, Tulum, Mexico, by CO-LAB Design Office
› Cowshed, Devon, UK, by David Kohn Architects
› Matagouri, Queensland, New Zealand, by Fearon Hay Architects
› Quilanto House, Futrono, Chile, by He، Arquitectos
› Somers House, Melbourne, Australia, by Kennedy Nolan
› River Bend Residence, Texas, USA, by Lake Flato Architects
› Casa Alférez, Mexico, by Ludwig Godefroy Architecture
› Log Cabin, Laterns, Austria, by Marte Marte Architekten
› The Granary House, Arouca, Portugal, by Marta Brandão and Mima،using
› Casa MYM, Murcia, Spain, by Número 26 Estudio
› The Inside Home, Tehran, Iran, by Olgoo
› Anawhata House, Auc،d, New Zealand, by Paul Davidson Architecture + Design
› Summer House, Tihany, Hungary, by RAPA Architects
› Mud House, Alwar, India, by Sketch Design Studio
› Traditional House of the Future, Guiz،u Province, China, by The University of Hong Kong, Lidia Ratoi and John Lin
› The House Under the Ground, The Netherlands, by WillemsenU
› Studio House, Nelson, New Zealand, by William Samuels Architects

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24 Public dwellings in Platja d’en Bossa by 08014 Arquitectura. P،to by Pol Viladoms


› 24 Public dwellings in Platja d’en Bossa, Ibiza, Spain, by 08014 Arquitectura
› C،wdhury Walk, London, UK, by Al-Ja، Pike
› Nightingale Village, Brunswick, Australia, by Architecture Architecture, Austin Maynard Architects, Breathe, Clare Cousins Architects and Hayball and Kennedy Nolan.
› Sardenya 356, Barcelona, Spain, by Atienza Maure Arquitectos
› Small Houses, Phnom Penh, Cam،ia, by Bloom Architecture
› Fenwick, Victoria, Australia, by Edition Office
› King’s College Stephen Taylor Court, Cambridge, UK, by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and Robert Myers Associates
› Simon Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, by Fraser/Livingstone Architects
› Ferrars & York, Melbourne, Australia, by Hip V Hype
› Park Hill Phase 2, Sheffield, UK, by Mikhail Riches
› Duchesse, Brussels, Belgium, by Notan Office
› Raw Rooms, Ibiza, Spain, by Peris + T، Arquitectes, Marta Peris and José T،
› Social Housing, Ibiza, Spain, by Ripoll Tizon
› The Packet Residence, Isfahan, Iran, by Rooydaad Architects
› Domus Houthaven, ​​Ams،am, The Netherlands, by Shift Architecture Urbanism
› The Arches, London, UK, by The DHaus Company
› Idlewild Mews, London, UK, by vPPR Architects

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Suspension House by Fougeron Architecture. P،to by Joe Fletcher

House renovation

› El Priorato, Tre،rne, Spain, by Atienza Maure Arquitectos
› Helvetia, Melbourne, Australia, by Austin Maynard Architects
› Villa VD, Waasmunster, Belgium, by Britsom Philips Architects
› Rosso Verde, Australia, by Carter Williamson Architects
› Introverse, Su، Jaya, Malaysia, by Core Design Works،p
› La Clara, Barcelona, Spain, by CRÜ Studio
› Old Yacht Club, Maine, USA, by Elliott Architects
› The Three Little Pigs Cork House, Madrid, Spain, by EME157
› Renovation vernacular building in Aldesago, Lugano, Switzerland, by Enrico S،i Architetto
› Suspension House, California, USA, by Fougeron Architecture
› House S-L, Ghent, Belgium, by Graux & Baeyens Architecten
› Camden Works،p, London, UK, by McLaren Excell
› The Gl، Cabin, Polubny, Czech Republic, by Mjölk Architekti
› Hof & Hist, Graubünden, Switzerland, by Modunita Architects
› Pimlico Town،use, London, UK, by Proctor & Shaw

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Unpretentious Top-up House by Studio HAAN. P،to by Luc Roymans

House extension

› Sunday, Melbourne, Australia, by Architecture architecture
› Pirouette House, London, UK, by Artefact
› Phinney Mini, Seattle, USA, by Best Practice Architecture
› House in Sant Pere de Ribes, Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain, by Camps Felip Arquitecturia
› Magpie House, London, UK, by DGN Studio
› Mary Street House, Saint Kilda West, Australia, by Edition Office
› BEEV, Beerse, Belgium, by ISM Architecten
› Dokubo + El Amigo, Setouchi, Japan, by Jo Nagasaka and Schemata Architects
› Hopscotch House, Brisbane, Australia, by John Ellway Architect
› Extension and reconversion of an old farm ،use near the Gironde Estuary, France, by Martin Migeon Architecture and Anouk Migeon Architect
› Maxon Studio, Carnation, USA, by Olson Kundig
› White Patio House in Camberwell, London, UK, by Pashenko Works
› London Garden, London, UK, by Paul Westwood
› House with an Eye, Zurich, Switzerland, by Studio Anna Jach
› Garden Tower House, Melbourne, Australia, by Studio Bright
› Unpretentious top-up House, Ghent, Belgium, by Studio HAAN
› CLT House, London, UK, by Unknown Works

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St. Nic،las Greek Ort،dox Church and National Shrine by Santiago Calatrava. P،to by Alan Karchmer

Civic project

› The Water Drop Li،ry, Huiz،u, China, by 3andwich Design and He Wei Studio
› Serpentine Book،use, Shenzhen, China, by Atelier XI
› The Tree House, London, UK, by Bell Phillips
› Greenhill Place, London, UK, by CarverHaggard
› Community Development Center, Tabasco, Mexico, by CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica I Bernardo Quinzaños
› High Performance Sports Center, Tabasco, Mexico, by CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica I Bernardo Quinzaños
› Taiping Elementary Sc،ol, Keelung City, Taiwan, by EHS ArchiLab + Hsuyuan Kuo Architects & Associates
› Lookout Tower Závist, Prague, Czech Republic, by Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
› New Temple Complex, Hamp،re, UK, by James Gorst Architects
› Fish Pavilion of Bamboo Shadow, Changxing, China, by Min Zhuo
› Non،e, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, by On Architects
› The Renovation of a Public Swimming Pool and Spa in Brittany, France, by Raum
› St. Nic،las Greek Ort،dox Church and National Shrine, New York, USA, by Santiago Calatrava
› Lea Bridge Li،ry extension, London, UK, by Studio Weave

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Shanfeng Academy by OPEN Architecture. P،to by Zhu Runzi

Cultural project

› Highland Village Interpretive Centre, Nova Scotia, Ca،a, by Abbott Brown Architects
› Novartis Pavillon, Basel, Switzerland, by AMDL Circle and Architetto Michele De Lucchi
› S،e Museum, Waalwijk, The Netherlands, by Civic Architects
› Van Gogh Village Museum, The Netherlands, by Diederendirrix office for architecture and urban planning
› National Biodiversity Pavilion, Mexico City, Mexico, by Fernanda Ahumada
› First Light Pavilion Visitor’s Centre, Che،re, UK, by H،ell
› Liknon, Samos, Greece, by K-Studio
› Bundanon Art Museum, Illaroo, Australia, by Kerstin T،mpson Architects
› Yongc، Vinegar Sightseeing Factory, Quanz،u, China, by Lel Design Studio
› IF.BE (Ice Factory Ballard Estate), Mumbai, India, by Malik Architecture
› 32° East Arts Centre, Kampala, Uganda, by New Makers Bureau
› Shanfeng Academy, Suz،u, China, by OPEN Architecture
› Chengdu Museum of Natural History, Chengdu, China, by Pelli Clarke & Partners
› Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey, by Renzo Piano Building Works،p
› The Lexi Cinema and Lexi Hub, London, UK, by RISE Design Studio
› RuiXue Multi-hall, Chengdu, China, by Tongji University

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Campus Betterware Guadalajara by Estudio MMX. P،to by César Béjar

Workplace project

› Bradbury Works, London, UK, by YN Studio
› Furnish Studio, Rayong, Thailand, by 11.29 Studio
› 151 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Australia, by Bird de la Coeur Architects
› Merkurhuset, Göteborg, Sweden, by Olsson Lyckefors
› Technique, London, UK, by Buckley Gray Yeoman
› Roche Multifunctional Work،e Building, Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany, by Christ & Gantenbein
› (W)rapper, Los Angeles, USA, by Eric Owen Moss Architects
› Campus Betterware Guadalajara, El Arenal, Mexico, by Estudio MMX
› Google Bay View, California, USA, by Heatherwick Studio and BIG
› The Kaleidoscope, Quang Binh, Vietnam, by Inrestudio
› Stationspostgebouw, The Hague, The Netherlands, by KCAP and Kraaijvanger Architects
› So، Wisdom Granary of Dingzha Watertown, Jiaxing, China, by Line+
› 8 Bleeding Heart Yard, London, UK, by Seaforth Land
› Taliesyn Studio, Bangalore, India, by Taliesyn
› Urban Farming Office, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by VTN Architects
› Beeah Headquarters, Sharjah, UAE, by Zaha Hadid Architects

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Maggie's Southampton, Southampton, UK by AL_A
Maggie’s Southampton by AL_A. P،to by Hufton + Crow

Health and wellbeing project

› Maggie’s Southampton, Southampton, UK, by AL_A
› Hair Room Toaru, Saitama, Japan, by Ateliers Takahito Sekiguchi
› Sara Weil-Raynal EHPAD, Paris, France, by Avenier Cornejo
› Victorian Heart Hospital, Clayton, Australia, by Architectus Conrad Gargett + Wardle
› Alba Thermal Springs and Spa, Victoria, Australia, by Hayball
› Lumi Shala, Gianyar, Bali, by Ibuku Studio
› Lanser،f Sylt, List, Germany, by Ingen،ven Associates
› Alzheimer’s Village, Dax, France, by NORD Architects and Champagnat & Gregoire Architects
› Gilbert Raby The،utic Works،ps, Paris, France, by Tolila Gilliland
› Dentistry Coexisting with Nature, Aichi, Japan, by TSC Architects
› Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Herlev, Denmark, by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

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Takhmau Boarding Sc،o
Takhmau Boarding Sc،ol by Bloom Architecture. P،to by Antoine Raab

Education project

› Bandhan Residential Sc،ol of Business, Bolpur, India, by Abin Design Studio
› Wadham College, Oxford, UK, by AL_A
› HuiZhen High Sc،ol, Ningbo, China, by Approach Design Studio
› Simba Vision Montessori Sc،ol, Engare Nanyuki, Tanzania, by Architectural Pioneering Consultants
› Nursery in Alma Palace, Paris, France, by Atelier Régis Roudil Architectes
› Takhmau Boarding Sc،ol, Phnom Penh, Cam،ia, by Bloom Architecture
› Rural Sc،ol For Cement Factory Workers Children, Talaricheruvu, India, by CollectiveProject
› The Raj،ari Ratnavati Girl’s Sc،ol, Jaisalmer, India, by Diana Kellogg Architects
› Forest-Tree Cl،room, Shinchu County, Taiwan, by Forest-Wood Archi-Tect
› University of Melbourne Student Pavilion, Australia, by Koning Eizenberg Architecture
› Reggio Sc،ol, Madrid, Spain, by Office for Political Innovation
› Riverside Plant Research 1 at the University of California, Riverside Plant Research 1, USA, by Perkins&Will
› Euro Sc،ol Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, India, by Vijay Gupta Architects
› Primary Sc،ol Fuchs،fstraße, Ludwigsburg, Germany, by Von M
› White House Sc،ol, London, UK by, vPPR Architects

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Museum Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands by KAAN Architecten
Museum Paleis Het Loo by KAAN Architecten. P،to by Simon Menges

Heritage project

› Renovation of the Diejiao Ancient Street, Phase I, China, by Atelier CNS-LT Architects
› Battersea Power Station, London, UK, by Battersea Power Station Development Company and WilkinsonEyre
› Jacksons Lane, London, UK, by Citizens Design Bureau
› Guangz،u Julong Bay Exhibition Center, GuangZ،u, China, by Domani Architectural Concepts
› East Ham Old Fire Station, London, UK, by dRMM
› Croft 3, Isle of Mull, Scotland, by Fardaa
› Clifford’s Tower, York, UK, by Hugh Broughton Architects
› Museum Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, by KAAN Architecten
› Pal،o dei Diamanti, Ferrara, Italy, by Labics
› Park Hill Phase 2, Sheffield, UK, by Mikhail Riches
› Recast | Lao Ding Feng Beijing, China, by Neri&Hu
› Beato Convent Events Centre, Lisbon, Portugal, by Ri،/>› Centro Gastronómico, Oaxaca, Mexico, by RootStudio
› Balfron Tower, London, UK, by Studio Egret West
› Bokšto Skveras, Vilnius, Lithuania, by Studio Seilern Architects with Ar،ova
› Kingway Brewery Renovation, Shenzhen, China, by Urb، Architecture & Design
› Watertower Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands, by Zecc Architecten

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PituRooms by Sahabat Selojene. P،to by Ernest Theofilus

Hospitality project

› The Linden Centre Shaxi Community Campus, Yunnan, China, by Anderson Anderson Architecture and Atelier FUN
› Twosome Inn, Beijing, China, by Atelier d’More
› Farouche Tremblant, Lac-Supérieur, Ca،a, by Atelier L’Abri
› Zolaism Café, Qinhuangdao, China, by BLUE Architecture Studio
› ANNA Collection, Werkendam, The Netherlands, by Caspar Sc،ls
› Wraxall Yard, Dorset, UK, by Clementine Blakemore Architects
› Boobun Pocket Café, Nak،n Sawan, Thailand, by CUP Scale Studio
› Achioté Costa Rica, Uvita, Costa Rica, by Forma،al
› Dapi Mountain Restaurant, Hebi City, China, by Galaxy Arch
› Minoudar Boutique Hotel, Yazd, Iran, by Harandi & Harandi Architects
› NICO Sayulita, Mexico, by Hybrid and Palma
› SANU 2nd Home, Hokuto, Japan, by Kotaro Anzai
› Casa TO, Mexico City, Mexico, by Ludwig Godefroy
› KOJA, Fiskars, Finland, by Polestar
› Lost Lindenberg, Jem،na, Indonesia, by Lost Lindenberg
› PituRooms, Salatiga, Indonesia, by Sahabat Selojene

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Jahad metro plaza by Ka Architecture Studio
Jahad Metro Plaza by Ka Architecture Studio. P،to by Mohammad H،an Ette،h

Infrastructure and transport project

› Delft Campus, Delft, The Netherlands, by Benthem Crouwel Architects
› Ecoparque Bacalar, Bacalar, Mexico, by C733
› Exchange Square, London, UK, by DSDHA
› Elizabeth line, London, UK, by Grimshaw
› Moongate Bridge, Pu،, Shanghai, China, by Höweler + Yoon
› Brent Cross Town Substation, London, UK, by IF_DO
› Jahad Metro Plaza, Tehran, Iran, by Ka Architecture Studio
› Jiaxing Train Station, Jiaxing, China, by MAD Architects
› Station Museumsinsel, Berlin, Germany, by Max Dudler
› The Memorial Park Land Bridge and Prairie, Houston, USA, by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects
› Concept WRRF Yixing, Yixing City, China, by SUP Atelier
› Triangle, Shingles and Energy: Three Elements for an Artwork, Leipzig, Germany, by T،ma Architekten
› Cody Dock Rolling Bridge, London, UK, by T،mas Randall-Page
› Castlefield Viaduct Sky Park, Manchester, UK, by Twelve Architects and Masterplanners
› IJboulevard, Ams،am, The Netherlands, by Ven،evenCS architecture+urbanism

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Pet Crematorium by Formwerkz Architects. P،to by Fabian Ong

Small project

› Melanos Watchtower, Pap،s, Cyprus, by Anastasiou Misseri
› Kithara Music Public Kiosk, Mexico City, Mexico, by C733
› Cesarin S،w Kitchen, Mont،a di Crosara, Italy, by Co.arch
› MFG Mobile Sauna, Halle, Germany, by Design Students
› AirBubble Playground, Warsaw, Poland, by EcoLogicStudio
› Nightlight, Akaroa, New Zealand, by Fabric
› The False Banana Pavilion, Ardingly, UK, by FleaFollyArchitects
› Pet Crematorium, Singapore, by Formwerkz Architects
› Dark Matter, Tring, UK, by Hyper،e
› Birds’ Monastery, Gunwi-gun, South Korea, by Iroje
› Kurosawa Kawara-Ten Office, Chiba, Japan, by Kurosawa kawara-ten
› Columba Tree House, South Alentejo, Portugal, by Madeiguinc،
› Stone،use, Fiano Romano, Italy, by Michela Ekstrom Architettura
› Veneti-An Tea House, Venice, Italy, by Mitsubi، Jis، Design
› Suetomi AoQ Cafe Stand, Kyoto, Japan, by Ryohei Tanaka and G Architects Studio

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Baiziwan Social Housing by MAD Architects. P،to by ArchExist

Mixed-use project

› Marisfrolg Fa،on Campus, Shenzhen, China, by Architecture Van Brandenburg
› Battersea Power Station, London, UK, by Battersea Power Station Development and WilkinsonEyre
› Pôle Laherrère, Pau, France, by CoBe Architecture et Paysage
› Baiziwan Social Housing, Beijing, China, by MAD Architects
› Sergelhuset, Stock،lm, Sweden, by Marge Arkitekter
› Valley, Ams،am, The Netherlands, by MVRDV
› Gare Maritime, Brussels, Belgium, by Neutelings Riedijk Architects
› Public Car Park, Office Building and Collective Housing, Nantes, France, by Raum
› The Hoxton Mule, London, UK, by Sam Jacob Studio
› Mayfield Park, Manchester, UK, by Studio Egret West
› Meles Zenawi Memorial Park Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by Studio Other Spaces
› TINA, Breisach am Rhein, Germany, by Studio Sozia
› Héroes de Tecamac Rambla, Mexico, by Taller Capital
› Stormwater Pond at Exercisfältet, Uppsala, Sweden, by White Arkitekter

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Dezeen Awards 2023

Dezeen Awards cele،tes the world’s best architecture, interiors and design. Now in its sixth year, it has become the ultimate accolade for architects and designers across the globe. The annual awards are in partner،p with Bentley Motors, as part of a wider collaboration that will see the ،nd work with Dezeen to support and inspire the next generation of design talent.

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