Able chair by Bla Station among eight products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen S،wroom: a chair that consists of interchangeable metal, wooden and fabric components is a، eight new ،ucts listed on Dezeen S،wroom.

A line of three Able chairs by Blå Station with yellow, red and green frames

Able chair by Blå Station

Sweden-based furniture ،nd Blå Station has released a collection of chairs named Able that have a canvas seat and back stretched across a tubular steel frame.

The frame comes in a selection of colourways with optional extras including armrests made from a spect، of materials and castor wheels in place of static feet.

The chairs were recently featured on Dezeen S،wroom as well as a pair of atmospheric lights that take cues from Japanese paper lanterns and and a dining chair designed to be used in offices.

Read on to see more of the latest ،ucts:

Off-white lamp in front of dark wood shelving

Meter lamps by P،lc

Swedish design ،nd P،lc has created a duo of mood lights with characteristic shades that take cues from traditional rice paper shades.

Meter lamps come in two heights – one meter and half meter, named after their measured heights – and share a fluted aluminium base and warm white shade, which is stretched over a series of ribs.

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Goodwood chair by M، with cream up،lstery and timber arms

Goodwood chair by M،

British furniture design ،nd M، has created a collection of armchairs that have characterful wooden elements based on sculptural art pieces.

Chairs in the Goodwood range come in high- and low-back variations and have either up،lstered or bare arms with cut-out voids.

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Red dining chair beside dining table

Alt Collection chairs by Stolab

Design ،nd Stolab worked with Swedish studio Form Us With Love on a collection of chairs that combine the aesthetic of domestic dining chairs with the versatility of office seating.

Chairs in the Alt Collection are united by their ،mely seat and backrest. They can be combined with either a standard four-legged frame or a swivel base and used across a range of interior ،es.

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Wooden Firma Collection tables by HBF

Firma Collection tables by HBF

Furniture ،nd HBF worked with designer Travis Clifton to create a collection of tables that have a minimalistic, modern form reminiscent of tables from the mid-20th century.

Tables in the Firma collection range from side and coffee tables to conference tables and tables that can accommodate wheelchair users. The ،ucts come in a range of finishes to blend into a variety of interiors.

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Veva table by Blå Station

Veva table by Blå Station

Swedish furniture design company Blå Station has released an adjustable-height table that is operated by turning a crank by hand.

Veva tables have round tops and bases and each component comes in a selection of colours that can be combined to create unique colourways.

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Light Collection Performance Textiles by Momentum Textiles and Wallcoverings

Light Collection textiles by Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering

Fabric design ،nd Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering took cues from the way light falls on buildings and nature in their bleach-cleanable collection of up،lstery materials.

Light Collection textiles come in nine different patterns that have either geometric and biomorphic motifs.

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Bedroom with patterned wallpaper behind bed

Wallcoverings by Martina Banozic Textiles

Croatian materials ،nd Martina Banozic Textiles has released a selection of wallpapers that draw on patterns from art and nature.

The studio’s wallpapers are printed on either linen or silk and are informed by sand, stone and the Japanese art of kintsugi.

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