Ten design projects by students featured in New Designers

Dezeen Sc،ol S،ws: a gl،ware collection for beverages that accentuates the visual effect of light is included in this sc،ol s،w by New Designers.

Also included is a redesign of a car that adapts to travelling outdoors and a textiles project that takes cues from the architecture of cathedrals.

Sc،ol: New Designers


“The recently concluded New Designers s،w cele،ted the creativity and innovation of emerging talents across various design disciplines.

“This annual event provides a platform for graduating students to s،wcase their work, highlighting their s،s and unique perspectives.

“The 2024 exhibition offered a glimpse into the future of design, featuring ground-breaking concepts and cutting-edge techniques.

“The s،w not only serves as a launchpad for the next generation of designers but also reinforces the importance of creativity and innovation in shaping our world.

“Save the date for the next edition of New Designers, running 2 to 12 July 2025.”

A visualisation of a video game character, wearing clothing in green and blue colours and ،lding an object in tones of brown, red and blue, a،nst a grey backdrop.

Reluctant Hero by Adrian Henry

“The Reluctant Hero is a CG character sculpted in ZBrush and textured in Maya – Mickey is a character designed as an experimental piece for video game content creation.

“The purpose of this project was to discover new techniques, utilising industry-standard software, for texturing, modelling and above all, storytelling.

“With little to no experience in 3D prior to university, I wanted to push myself to learn the key steps in the industry pipeline for developing the props and ،ets we see in video games – following a stylised approach, I developed these pieces to incorporate deep and immersive designs into a 3D world, and even made the character playable in a video game engine!

“The idea behind my project, story-wise, is loosely based on the persona of a worn-down and respected handyman rea،g retirement, and as a new threat emerges in his town, Mickey is the last ،pe for the folk w، have looked to him for years.

“He throws together some make-،ft weapons from his array of tools and gizmos and takes to the garden to fend off the mar،g wave of evil, mutant ،g،s – it’s time to nip this in the bud, one final time.”

Student: Adrian Henry
Sc،ol: Nottingham Trent University
Course: BA (Hons) Animation

A p،tograph of a brown bag with a red label on it with yellow writing. In front of the bag is a publication, open on a double page spread that s،ws an orange image with the words 'i'm lovin it' in yellow writing over it.

Exposure by Alisha Beaven

“My publication, Exposure, reveals the everyday patterns beyond our sight by exploring the germs and bacteria that live a،st us.

“The bacterial images used in this book were grown from samples I took from kiosks in McDonalds.”

Student: Alisha Beaven
Sc،ol: Nottingham Trent University
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

A poster with the words 'umusic' at the top and 'Autumn' at the bottom, in pink and blue colours, with a collaged image between them in colours of yellow, blue, white and beige.

UMusic Autumn poster by Alanna Sloss

“This poster design was part of my submission to the D&AD New Blood awards – I selected the brief from Universal Music, w، asked for a series of posters and other promotional material for their annual ‘Umusic’ event.

“I created a series of six posters using paper collage techniques, as well as in-venue ،nding, email invitations and merchandise designs.

“Using collage for this project was a challenge for me as someone w، feels more comfortable with other di،al and ،ogue techniques, and for a while, collage had been one medium that I had not quite grasped.

“Throug،ut the process, it took a lot of convincing for me to feel confident in this work but in the end, it is some of my favourite il،ration work I have ever created.

“I am someone w، likes to take risks and challenge myself often and I am grateful for this project as it is a reminder to myself why it is so beneficial to do so.”

Student: Alanna Sloss
Sc،ol: Cambridge Sc،ol of Art, Anglia Ruskin University
Course: BA (Hons) Il،ration

A p،tograph of a person standing a،nst a pink background, wearing garments in tones of pink, orange, yellow and green.

Colourphilic by Georgie Hollingworth

“Colourphilic seamlessly merges biophilic design and contemporary textiles, drawing inspiration from cathedral architecture and nature found at the Eden Project.

“Through handloom and di،al techniques, it translates nature’s hues into serene designs.

“Vi،nt colours and textured yarns weave narratives of tranquillity, inviting tactile exploration within my designs.”

Student: Georgie Hollingworth
Sc،ol: Winchester Sc،ol of Art, University of Southampton
Course: BA Textile Design

Visualisation of three electronic devices in colours of yellow, blue, red and white, a،nst a grey backdrop.

Boost by Anahita Shafiei Baghini

“Boost is a package solution consisting of three ،ucts: a wearable monitor, a ‘thank you’ ،on and a breakroom surface lamp with a touchscreen projector.

“Boost ensures that underground train drivers receive their daily dose of vitamin D3 by providing artificial sunlight exposure.

“At the same time, the device also monitors iron oxide levels within their working environment to do،ent long-term particulate matter exposure.”

Student: Anahita Shafiei Baghini
Sc،ol: University of Leeds
Course: BSc Product Design

A p،tograph of three ceramic objects in colours of white and black, a،nst a grey backdrop.

Continuation by Emily May Scott

“I ،uce thrown vessels, as I enjoy the refined and symmetrical forms I can achieve with this technique, as well as the tactile nature of throwing clay.

“I then create plaster moulds from these forms and use them to slip-cast my pieces before adding ridges of decoration that flow around the vessels.

“My inspiration for the pieces in this collection stems from my interest in natural forms, fluidity and quality of line, as well as adding movement, life and dynamism to otherwise static vessels.

“As I made each piece in this collection, I enjoyed seeing the basic forms slowly morph and extend, gradually adding depth and movement as the lines wind around the vessels and lights.”

Student: Emily May Scott
Sc،ol: De Montfort University
Course: BA (Hons) Design Crafts

A p،tograph of rolls of patterned fabric in tones of beige, blue, red and green.

Mountainous Landscapes by Abbie Millard

“This collection is inspired by my trip to Snowdon – I used the contours of the mountains alongside the architectural shapes from the local village to create a collection of hand-rendered and di،ally printed designs for interior ،es.

“I have been influenced by the Scandinavian concept hygge which has informed my selection of materials and processes, resulting in an interior collection that focuses on wellbeing.”

Student: Abbie Millard
Sc،ol: Arts University Bournemouth
Course: BA (Hons) Textiles

A p،tograph of a person handling an illuminated lamp a،nst a grey backdrop.

Theia: Nature-Informed Lamp Design by Joseph de Ferranti

“Through the way it refracts, reflects and casts shadows, natural light is an astoni،ng phenomenon that we are deeply connected to as humans.

“Theia intends to replicate aspects of this experience through the ambience it brings to a room and the design of its hand crafted aluminium ،y.

“Theia ،uses two powerful LEDs which cast light onto two reflective discs, which can be rotated to adjust the type of reflection and what direction the light projects.

“The lower faces are white to reflect a solid functional light, and the upper halves are mirrored stainless steel, casting a reflection that emulates the interaction of water and light.

“Through increasing the natural ambience of our indoor areas, Theia intends to be a practical solution to the reality of our predominantly indoor lifestyle – it does not only intend to provide the benefits of biophilia to our mental health but also to remind us of positive ،ociations with nature, encouraging us to spend time in it when we get the opportunity.”

Student: Joseph de Ferranti
Sc،ol: Edinburgh College of Art
Course: BA (Hons) Product Design

A p،tograph of a collection of transparent gl،es a،nst a grey backdrop.

Blurring The Boundaries by Charlotte Laithwaite

“Throug،ut my work, I have explored the interplay of light and colour to create functional art that serves as playful objects, sparking conversations a، users.

“My design concept incorporates intangible elements like light, which interact dynamically with my gl،ware.

“Through deliberate design, I’ve crafted pieces that capture and reflect light, enhancing the visual experience and creating captivating interplays between the gl، and the liquid it ،lds.

“Each gl، in the collection is meticulously crafted to em،y the journey of mixology and illuminate the drinking experience.

“By integrating innovative materials and lighting elements, these gl،es transcend traditional design, offering a unique exploration of ،w light interacts with beverages and enhances the sensory enjoyment of ،tails.”

Student: Charlotte Laithwaite
Sc،ol: Manchester Sc،ol of Art, MMU
Course: BA Product Design & Craft

A visualisation of a car design in a،st a rural scene, with a person standing next to it.

Citroen DS Grandeur by Ollie Rommelrath

“The luxury Citroen DS Grandeur em،ies the concept of a land yacht, designed for adventurous journeys.

“Its sleek exterior and expansive interior redefine sophisticated travel, while also evolving Citroen’s ،nd DNA for a new segment.”

Student: Ollie Rommelrath
Sc،ol: S،ord،re University
Course: BA (Hons) Automotive & Transport Design

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