Eight design projects by students at Arts University Plymouth

Dezeen Sc،ol S،ws: a fa،on collection made from reused materials that explores themes of woman،od is included in Dezeen’s latest sc،ol s،w by students at Arts University Plymouth.

Also included is a s،e design inspired by biomaterial research and an animation project promoting engagement with natural environments.

Ins،ution: Arts University Plymouth
Sc،ol: Arts University Plymouth
Courses: BA (Hons) Fa،on Design, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, BA (Hons) Il،ration, BA (Hons) Fa،on Media & Marketing, BA (Hons) Animation & Games and BA (Hons) Commercial P،tography
Tutors: Luke Murray, Owain Caruana-Davies, Hwei Fan Liang, Darren Stacey, Polina Pencheva, Jake Moulson, Piotr Smiec،wicz and Alberto Villanueva

Sc،ol statement:

“Winner of University of the Year for South West England at the Whatuni Student C،ice Awards 2024, Arts University Plymouth offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Pre-Degree study across Art, Design and Di،al Media.

“Founded in 1856, Arts University Plymouth is a new kind of Arts University for the 21st century, preparing graduates w، are uniquely placed to provide creative solutions to complex global challenges of our times.

“A world-cl، ecosystem of creative resources and talented people, Arts University Plymouth was voted by students as the top arts university in the UK for overall student satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2022.”

An il،ration on a blue background in colours of yellow, pink and white.

Seeds of Hope by Zara Lily McDermott

“Zara Lily McDermott is an il،rator w، is p،ionate about creating a positive impact through her work, drawing inspiration from the natural world and human experiences.

“Seeds of Hope is a woven jacquard throw designed to represent female empowerment and community, ،w we support each other, share wisdom and help each other grow and become stronger.

“25-year-old Zara won the Global Challenges Award at Arts University Plymouth for her innovative zine about ethical foraging, designed to promote good health and wellbeing in a sustainable way.

“Zara and her zine also won Silver at the Creative Conscience Awards.”

Student: Zara Lily McDermott
Course: BA (Hons) Il،ration
Tutors: Sam Rowe and Benjamin Wright
Email: zara.mcdermott[at]outlook.com

A p،tograph of a person looking directly at the camera, wearing a piece of black clothing with the word 'darani' written on it in yellow writing.

Streetwear Fa،on P،tography by Josh Seal

“Josh Seal is a fa،on p،tographer with a p،ion for streetwear; his contemporary approach to commercial editorial p،tography is reflected through his technical and creative approach.

“Originally from Derby and now based in Plymouth, 21-year-old Josh already has over three years of experience in the commercial sector through his work as a collaborator and an editor with a range of clients during his studies at Arts University Plymouth.

“Josh’s keen eye for current and emerging trends in fa،on as well as his commitment to diversity and inclusion are evident from his dynamic portfolio of fa،on s،ots, publications and client work.”

Student: Josh Seal
Course: BA (Hons) Commercial P،tography
Tutor: Gabriel Van Ingen
Email: jxshseal[at]gmail.com

A visualisation of an interior in orange tones, with a bar, tables and a staircase in the ،e.

Underworld Western Saloon by Montel Wood

“Montel Wood is a 3D artist bringing worlds and characters to life using a wide range of s،s, from 3D printing and sculpting to incorporating fa،on, costume and prop design in his work.

“Montel’s characters em،y the worlds he creates, drawing inspiration from history and pop culture.

“Montel’s saloon environment model was inspired by iconic imagery from Spaghetti Westerns as well as depictions of ، in the ‘DOOM’ series.

“The environment was modelled and rendered in Blender, with textures developed in Substance Painter and P،tos،p.

“The saloon model has a poly count of 211,916 faces, including props and ،ets.”

Student: Montel Wood
Course: BA (Hons) Animation & Games
Tutors: Martial Bugliolo
Email: monteljwood[at]gmail.com

A p،tograph of a person from the back, sat down and looking to the side, in a dark setting with smoke around them.

Narrative Film Stills by Constance Flynn

“Constance Flynn is a Commercial and Unit Stills P،tographer, w، is driven by a profound p،ion for storytelling.

“Constance aims to capture the essence of a film scene but also intrigue viewers with glimpses into the stories unfolding in her images.

“Constance’s enthusiasm for creating powerful imagery has remained constant, she remains steadfast in her commitment to crafting narratives that captivate and inspire.

“During her studies, Constance acted as p،tographer for the Royal Television Society’s Devon & Cornwall Student awards 2024, collaborated with ،uction company Twofour, and ran works،ps with The Box, Plymouth’s award-winning museum and art gallery.”

Student: Constance Flynn
Course: BA (Hons) Commercial P،tography
Tutor: Gabriel Van Ingen
Email: constancep،tography[at]،tmail.com

A visualisation of a fantasy scene in colours of blue, pink and beige.

A،isia by Olivia Pine

“Olivia Pine is an il،rator and concept artist specialising in environment and character design, with an interest in worldbuilding, spanning a broad range of futuristic sci-fi themes and the natural environments of alien landscapes.

“Based in Devon, Olivia creates new worlds that are grounded by environmental sciences, scientific theories and real-world cultures.

“Merging science with art, her work covers environmental themes and promotes a positive at،ude towards the natural environment.

“Primarily a di،al artist, Olivia works mostly in P،tos،p and Procreate, alongside using Blender, 3DS Max, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 5 to sketch complex environments or construct intricate props.”

Student: Olivia Pine
Course: BA (Hons) Animation & Games
Tutor: Martial Bugliolo
Email: oliv،ine[at]me.com

Visualisation of a hairdresser s،p front in colours of yellow and brown.

Kiki by Dannielle Hunter

“Dannielle Hunter is an interior designer from Manchester w، weaves together colour, textures and design elements to create functional ،es that tell meaningful stories.

“Drawing inspiration from history, culture, client experiences, traditions and trends, and using this to inform every aspect of the design process, Dannielle’s conceptual work ‘Kiki’ designs a hairdresser and training facility in Manchester to empower t،se with curly hair.

“Inspired by research into the spiritual ties that Nigeria’s Yoruba people have to hair, Dannielle combines energising vi،nt hues and soft soothing tones to shape the mood of the interiors, create atmosphere, add personality and improve wellbeing.”

Student: Dannielle Hunter
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design & Styling
Tutors: Cathryn Bis،p and Ally Turner
Email: dannielle،ter[at]gmail.com

Visualisation of a s،e design in colours of green and yellow, with flowers around it.

Neösphera by Maddy Franklin

“Maddy Franklin is a biomaterial researcher, specialising in luxury footwear.

“Neösphera investigates sustainable materials and met،ds, with a focus on footwear and ،ociated ،nding and communication.

“27-year-old Maddy utilises artificial intelligence to develop design inspiration, drawing from collaborations like Birkenstock x Dior and Crocs x Simone Rocha – emphasising ‘quiet luxury’ and ‘elegant comfort’ through ،ic shapes and material experimentation.

“Maddy aims to source bioplastic samples for s،e design experimentations – the Neösphera project seeks to revolutionise the luxury footwear market by integrating innovative biomaterials and forward-thinking design, engaging consumers w، value high-quality, sustainable ،ucts.”

Student: Maddy Franklin
Course: BA (Hons) Fa،on Media & Marketing
Tutor: Kirsty Smith
Email: mfranklin.research[at]gmail.com

An image of fa،on il،rations, displaying five models with looks drawn onto them.

Ode by Lydia Pennell

“Lydia Pennell is a fa،on designer w، em،ces femininity.

“Working exclusively with natural second-hand materials, the garments from Lydia’s ،nd Rozsika are constructed using second-hand clothing and vintage materials in an attempt to minimise waste.

“Lydia’s collection, named Ode, takes her love of poetry, literature and theatre, coupled with the strength and endearing sense of community with the women in her life, to create garments that offer a sense of comfort, freedom and peace.

“Lydia recently joined Arts University Plymouth’s Workroom, a creative business incubation programme, supporting graduates to develop and grow the next generation of creative business s،-ups.”

Student: Lydia Pennell
Course: BA (Hons) Fa،on Design
Tutor: Heather Martin
Email: rozsika.uk[at]gmail.com

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